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These biographies are from "Memorial and biographical record; an illustrated compendium of biography, containing a compendium of local biography, including biographical sketches of prominent old settlers and representative citizens of South Dakota..."

W. G. Ackerman
Ell Nathan Aldrich
Irwin D. Aldrich
M. D. Alexander
Andrew A. Anderson
G. W. Anderson
Oliver E. Anderson
William Anderson
James Oliver Andrews
James J. Aplin
Giles A. Baker
Thomas Bandy
Julian Bennett
Dr. William S. Bentley
Dr. S. N. Blair
Joseph F. Bockler
H. A. Booth
George C. Bradley
Christopher Brakke
George Nelson Breed
Richard P. Brokaw
S. H. Bronson
William Brooksmith
William A. Burgess
George W. Carpenter
George W. Case
C. A. Chamberlain
Ferdinand Coleman
Lewis Conklin
Percy R. Crothers
Erick E. Distad
Robert Dixon
William A. Drake
Paul Dutcher
Paul Dutcher
F. E. Dutton
Aungier Edwards
Michael H. Egan
Joseph Fanset
Halvor Egeberg
Joseph Fanset
C. J. Farmer
Samuel F. Farrington
Frank D. Fitts
L. Frederickson
John Fritz
Peter H. Gilbert
John Giese
Lawrence Gill
Joseph T. Goodwin
J. L. Hall
Malon W. Harrington
John L. Harris
D. J. Haugeberg
William Herbert Hawley
Peter Johnson Hegeman
Ole Anderson Holm
Peter Holmquist
Eugene Huntington
Gunder O. Inlagen
D. W. Jackson
J. C. Jenkins
S. M. Jenks
John L. Jones
Edward Jordan
George J. Kahl
John E. Kelley
Chas. B. Kennedy
Robert Floyd Kerr
Samuel A. King
Helge Korstad
W. A. Krause
Peter Kreuscher
John Larkin
G. W. Lattin
A. W. Law
Gustav A. Lindskog
Andrew J. Lockhart
William A. Long
William H. Loucks
Albert Matson
Daniel K. Matthews
R. B. McClenon
James H. McCoy
William M. McGrath
John H. Michaels
G. C. Middlebrook
Arthur Stillman Mitchell
S. G. Mogan
George Morehouse
Walter D. Morris
Marshall Morse
Richard A. Murray
John T. Nelson
Lewis Nelson
John Nicholson
Eric R. Olsen
H. A. Park
A. L. Patridge
J. H. Patten
Peter Peterson
Elon G. Pettigrew
G. A. Pettigrew
Hans Phillipson
Josephus C. Plank
J. M. Preston
Benjamin L. Pryor
Manson Rexford
Geo. Rice
Dr. Henry G. C. Rose
Henry S. Rowe
Thomas H. Ruth
Dudley David Sage
Ralph P. St. John
Edwin P. Sanford
Mark W. Sheafe
Horace H. Sheets
Charles H. Sheldon
Samuel H. Sheldon
Charles W. Siglinger
William Henry Skinner
Edwin W. Smail
Abel B. Smedley
J. H. Smith
James E. Smith
H. W. B. Souther
Byron D. Southwick
J. F. Stahl
Henry Ingram Stearns
Iver E. Steen
David Stewart
George Stoddard
W. H. Stokes
John Strandberg
James E. Street
Thomas Halvor Thompson
Will H. Thompson
Charles H. Tinkham
F. E. Van Liew
Rev. Leonard Van Wolde
Henry Singer Volkmar
Mathew Walklin
Homer D. Walrath
James V. Wells
George Azariah West
C. R. Westcott
Rufus Whealy
Richard Williams
Norman P. Wood

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