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Biography of Hon. Edgar Kelley

Hon. Edgar Kelley, a native of Wisconsin, was born in 1851 and raised on a farm. He became an accomplished farmer in Minnesota before settling in South Dakota. With a vast landholding of nearly 486 acres, his farm stands as a model in the state, complete with modern facilities and efficient methods. Kelley’s contributions extend beyond farming, as he plays an active role in the co-operative creamery and Farmers’ Co-operative Elevator Company, exemplifying the value of collective efforts. Despite his reluctance for political office, he served as a representative and gained recognition for his wise decisions. Kelley’s progressive mindset and dedication to community welfare make him a respected citizen.

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The Picturesque Story of South Dakota

South Dakota Biographies

Marthy Jane Cannary Biographies from the Memorial and Biographical Record These biographies are from “Memorial and biographical record; an illustrated compendium of biography, containing a compendium of local biography, including biographical sketches of prominent old settlers and representative citizens of South Dakota…” W. G. Ackerman Ell Nathan Aldrich Irwin D. Aldrich M. D. Alexander Andrew A. Anderson G. W. Anderson Oliver E. Anderson William Anderson James Oliver Andrews James J. Aplin Giles A. Baker Thomas Bandy Julian Bennett Dr. William S. Bentley Dr. S. N. Blair Joseph F. Bockler H. A. Booth George C. Bradley Christopher Brakke George Nelson Breed

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