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History of South Dakota vol 1 title page

Biography of Ellsworth E. Dye

Ellsworth E. Dye, born on May 14, 1863, in Decatur County, Iowa, was the son of Robert E. and Elizabeth (Trippett) Dye. Raised on a farm, he completed his early education in public schools and continued his studies at Des Moines University. Dye alternated between farming and teaching before moving to Buffalo County, South Dakota, in 1887, where he claimed 160 acres of land. After selling his farm in 1891, he taught in Gann Valley and then served two terms as county treasurer. Partnering with Arthur G. Hill, he entered the real estate business and co-founded the Dakota Chief newspaper and the Bank of Buffalo County. A dedicated Republican, Dye was active in local politics and fraternal organizations. He married Anna E. Lockwood on January 14, 1894, and they had two children, Wayne and Warren.

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History of South Dakota vol 1 title page

Biography of Arthur G. Hill

Arthur G. Hill, born on December 7, 1863, in Warwickshire, England, was the son of Thomas and Harriet L. (Briant) Hill. After receiving his education in Coventry and Northampton College, he moved to Dakota Territory in 1884. Settling in Buffalo County, he initially engaged in ranching, acquiring a 320-acre farm. In 1897, Hill co-founded Dye & Hill, a real estate and abstract firm, and purchased the Dakota Chief newspaper. He also established the Bank of Buffalo County in 1898. A committed Republican, Hill served as county auditor and register of deeds. He was married to Mary M. Stroud in 1890, with whom he had two daughters, Olive L. and Florence C.

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History of South Dakota vol 1 title page

Biography of Henry B. Farren

Henry B. Farren is a leading member of the bar in Buffalo County, known for his prominent role in the state legislature. Born in Philadelphia in 1848, he hails from a respected Pennsylvania family. After moving to Iowa and Missouri, Farren settled in South Dakota in 1882, where he acquired and cultivated land. A devoted Republican, he served as state’s attorney and was elected to the state legislature in 1902. Farren’s successful legal career and active involvement in his community have made him a valued figure in Buffalo County. He is married to Mary E. Mather and is a dedicated member of the First Congregational Church.

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History of South Dakota vol 1 title page

Biography of George H. Grace

George H. Grace, the incumbent superintendent of schools in Hand County, was born in Green County, Wisconsin, on August 8, 1871. His father, John Grace, served as a courageous soldier in the Union army during the Civil War. George received his early education in Wisconsin before his family relocated to South Dakota. After completing his studies, he served as clerk of the courts and later became the county superintendent of schools. Known for revitalizing and systematizing education in his jurisdiction, Grace is highly regarded by both teachers and the community. He is a dedicated advocate of the Republican Party and has made significant contributions to education in South Dakota.

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