History of South Dakota vol 1 title page

Biography of William Bird Sherrard

William Bird Sherrard, born in County Tyrone, Ireland, in 1837, descended from Scottish and English ancestry. Despite their Presbyterian faith, his family supported the Catholic church, aligning with the struggle for Irish independence. After immigrating to America in 1864, Sherrard settled in Chicago and became involved in assisting newsboys and bootblacks. His dedication led to the establishment of the Newsboys and Bootblacks’ Association. Later, he pioneered the Children’s Home Society in South Dakota, caring for hundreds of children and building assets of forty thousand dollars. Sherrard’s success is attributed to his devoted wife and his unwavering commitment to the cause.

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History of South Dakota vol 1 title page

Biography of Samuel Livingston Tate

Samuel Livingston Tate, born in Leeds, England in 1839, was a man of remarkable achievements. Despite limited means, he pursued education, graduating from Albion College and the University of Chicago. He practiced law before venturing into real estate, where he made significant contributions to the development of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Tate’s entrepreneurial endeavors included promoting railroads, constructing street-car lines, and establishing manufacturing plants. He actively served in the war, held various public offices, and espoused progressive ideals. Married to Frances Belle Wilcox, he raised a family and left an indelible mark on the industrial and civic history of South Dakota.

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History of South Dakota vol 1 title page

Biography of Judge Walter Crisp

Judge Walter Crisp, a progressive and influential figure in Dell Rapids, South Dakota, was born in England in 1849. After immigrating to the United States in 1869, he settled in Wisconsin before eventually making South Dakota his home. With a thriving career as a farmer and later as a public servant, Judge Crisp played a vital role in the growth and prosperity of Dell Rapids. Known for his charitable endeavors and active participation in various fraternal orders, he was respected as a well-rounded individual dedicated to the betterment of his community. Judge Crisp’s success, integrity, and devotion to family and civic duty made him a highly regarded member of society.

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History of South Dakota vol 1 title page

Biography of Lyman Turner

Lyman Turner is a renowned farmer and stock raiser in Brown County, South Dakota. With a history of agricultural success and dedication, he has become a respected figure in his community. Born in Maine in 1842, Turner grew up in Wisconsin, honing his skills in farming and carpentry. He selflessly served in the Civil War, participating in numerous battles without sustaining any injuries. After the war, he ventured into various occupations before settling in South Dakota. Turner’s commitment to agriculture and stock raising has earned him a prominent position among farmers and cattle breeders. His sturdy character, industry, and foresight have contributed to his thriving business and his standing as a public-spirited citizen.

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History of South Dakota vol 1 title page

Biography of John D. Smull

John D. Smull, the deputy postmaster at Milbank, was born in DeKalb County, Illinois, in 1865. He grew up in Chicago, where he received his education and pursued a career in the mercantile industry. In 1892, he ventured to South Dakota and settled on government land in the Sisseton Indian reservation. Smull actively contributed to the local community, playing a crucial role in the organization of Blooming Valley Township and serving as president of the Settlers’ Association. He later became deputy postmaster and proved himself as a capable and respected public servant. Smull’s dedication to civic development, political involvement, and membership in the Independent Order of Odd Fellows exemplify his commitment to the betterment of society.

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History of South Dakota vol 1 title page

Biography of Hon. Gideon C. Moody

Hon. Gideon C. Moody was a courageous pioneer, eminent jurist, prominent politician, conservative civic force, and honorable citizen. His inflexible integrity, coupled with his intellect, made him a force to be reckoned with. He served as an influential member of the South Dakota constitutional conventions, was elected to the United States Senate, and played a crucial role in Republican national conventions. Moody’s success as a lawyer was attributed to his meticulous preparation and unwavering commitment to justice. In private life, he was a devoted family man and a loyal friend. His legacy is one of remarkable achievements and enduring influence.

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History of Marshall County Dakota title page

How The Pioneers Adapt Themselves to Changes in Profession

Blunt, D. T., Correspondence to Chicago Inter-Ocean. The District Attorney of Potter County runs a milk wagon during vacation. A physician formerly of Union City, Kentucky, spent his first few months here as a day laborer while he had two diplomas hanging up in his room. A man who had a jewelry store in Leadville, Colorado, came to Blunt, and finding two jewelers here bought out a meat market and ran it for nearly a year successfully. A graduate of a Pennsylvania college who had read law two years got his first start in Wessington sawing wood at a hotel.

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South Dakota Newspapers and Obituaries

South Dakota Historical Newspapers Online South Dakota Newspapers Online Beresford Beresford Republic 1898-2014 Beresford Weekly News 1908-1909 Republic Beresford 1898 Beresford News 1899-1926 Beresford Union County Republic 1898 Union County Republic 1897 Vermillion Semi-Weekly Register 1875-1876 The Clay County Register 1872-1875 The Dakota Republican 1862-1924 The Dakota Republican and Vermillion Standard 1882-1884 The Summer Session News 1923 The Vermillion Standard 1876-1881 The Vermillionaire 1928-1929 The Volante 1896-1924 The Wagner Post 1925-1926 Vermillion Plain Talk 1893-1924 Wakonda Monitor 1891-1924 South Dakota Obituaries Haaken County Roberts, Editha Iowa Ferguson Roberts, Joseph Hughes County Roberts, Lilburn Brashears Meade County Ormsby, Nancy Custer Miner

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The Picturesque Story of South Dakota

South Dakota Biographies

Marthy Jane Cannary Biographies from the Memorial and Biographical Record These biographies are from “Memorial and biographical record; an illustrated compendium of biography, containing a compendium of local biography, including biographical sketches of prominent old settlers and representative citizens of South Dakota…” W. G. Ackerman Ell Nathan Aldrich Irwin D. Aldrich M. D. Alexander Andrew A. Anderson G. W. Anderson Oliver E. Anderson William Anderson James Oliver Andrews James J. Aplin Giles A. Baker Thomas Bandy Julian Bennett Dr. William S. Bentley Dr. S. N. Blair Joseph F. Bockler H. A. Booth George C. Bradley Christopher Brakke George Nelson Breed

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Calamity Jane

Martha Jane Cannary

My maiden name was Marthy Cannary. I was born in Princeton, Missouri, May 1st, 1852. Father and mother were natives of Ohio. I had two brothers and three sisters, I being the oldest of the children. As a child I always had a fondness for adventure and out-door exercise and especial fondness for horses which I began to ride at an early age and continued to do so until I became an expert rider being able to ride the most vicious and stubborn of horses, in fact the greater portion of my life in early times was spent in this

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