History of South Dakota vol 1 title page

Biography of John A. Johnson

John A. Johnson, born April 29, 1867, in Norway, is a prominent farmer in Yankton County, South Dakota. His parents, Jonas and Olena Johnson, emigrated to the U.S. in 1886, settling in Mayfield Township. John arrived in America at 19 and married Bertha Larson in 1894, with whom he had two children, Martin and Lena. Bertha passed away in 1902. Johnson’s 160-acre farm is highly cultivated, featuring modern improvements, including a new residence and barns. Specializing in Shorthorn cattle and Poland-China hogs, he is active in the Lutheran church, the Republican Party, and local cooperative ventures, serving as township treasurer and on the Republican central committee.

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History of South Dakota vol 1 title page

Biography of Soren Mortensen

Soren Mortensen, born April 21, 1846, in Denmark, became one of the wealthiest farmers in Yankton County, South Dakota. After emigrating to the United States in 1869, he worked on a farm in Long Island for seven and a half years before moving to South Dakota in 1876. Mortensen initially focused on wheat farming but shifted to livestock after several crop failures. He built a successful operation handling cattle and Chester White hogs, amassing 1,500 acres of farmland. Mortensen married Meatha Amelia Larson in 1874, with whom he had nine children. After her death in 1896, he married Nora Grant in 1900. A dedicated Republican and respected community member, Mortensen’s achievements reflect his perseverance and effective management.

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History of South Dakota vol 1 title page

Biography of Torge Thompson

Torge Thompson, born in Norway on February 27, 1863, emigrated to the United States with his family in 1869, settling in Clay County, South Dakota. His father, Thomas A. Thompson, secured a 160-acre homestead and developed it into a prosperous farm despite setbacks like the 1881 flood. Torge, educated in local schools and at the University of South Dakota, took over the farm at age 20. In 1900, he acquired 640 acres in Yankton County, where he established a successful mixed farming operation. Torge married Bertha Brake in 1889, and they had five children. Active in community affairs, he served as a school officer and was a committed Lutheran and Republican.

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History of South Dakota vol 1 title page

Biography of John M. Larson

John M. Larson, born near Throndhjem, Norway, on April 17, 1862, emigrated to the United States in 1881. Settling in Yankton, South Dakota, he married Guri J. Rye in 1884 and managed a successful farming enterprise, expanding his land holdings to 360 acres. A dedicated Lutheran and Republican, Larson actively participated in local politics, serving as a deputy assessor and state legislator from 1900. He was known for his legislative contributions, including reducing school fund interest rates. Larson’s life exemplified industriousness and community service until his death.

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History of Marshall County Dakota title page

History of Newark Township

Newark Township lies west of White township, and for school purposes was included in the same until last spring, when it was set off. The surface is slightly rolling and the soil fertile and productive. It was not until April 10th, 1883, that the settlement of the township began. On that day, Homer Johnson and his sons, Fred and Stark, located on section 14 and put up the first claim shanty in the township. Mr. Johnson was born in Ovid, Seneca County, New York, and came here from Plymouth, Michigan. On April 15th, 1883, P. C. Howell, C. and J.

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