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History of South Dakota vol 1 title page

Biography of John W. Tuthill

John W. Tuthill, a leading businessman and president of the John W. Tuthill Lumber Company, has achieved remarkable success through his own efforts. Born in Greene, New York, in 1846, he established a lumber yard in State Center, Iowa, which served as the foundation for his thriving business. In 1884, he incorporated the John W. Tuthill Lumber Company, which now controls numerous yards across South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa. Tuthill’s dedication to his business has made him a respected figure in Sioux Falls. Despite his focus on entrepreneurship, he has shown civic-mindedness, contributing to the public library and engaging in community affairs.

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History of South Dakota vol 1 title page

Biography of Holden D. Kinyon

Holden D. Kinyon, the popular postmaster of Valley Springs, South Dakota, was born in Lomira, Wisconsin, in 1854. After receiving his education, he moved to South Dakota and purchased land near Valley Springs. In 1890, he was appointed postmaster and has served in that position for four administrations. Mr. Kinyon’s business as a dealer in books, stationery, and school supplies has flourished, and he is known for his courteous and obliging nature. He is highly respected in the community, both for his public service and his dedication to the Republican Party. Married to Jennie F. Palmer, he and his wife are valued members of Valley Springs society.

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History of South Dakota vol 1 title page

Biography of George Cassady

George Cassady, born in Hamilton County, Ohio, in 1849, was a pioneer in horticulture and played a significant role in introducing fruit growing to South Dakota. After working as a telegrapher in the West, he settled in Valley Springs, South Dakota, where he established large orchards and co-founded Cassady & Bailey, one of the state’s largest nurseries. Recognized as one of the earliest advocates of horticulture in South Dakota, Cassady’s success demonstrated the region’s potential as a fruit-producing area. He actively participated in local politics, held various offices, and was respected as a leader within the Republican Party. A dedicated

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History of South Dakota vol 1 title page

Biography of Charles E. Hill

Charles E. Hill, editor and proprietor of the Vidette, is a native of Greene County, Ohio. With a strong inclination towards the printer’s trade from a young age, he served his apprenticeship at the Cleveland Daily Herald, where he connected with influential Republican politicians. Hill’s ambition led him to work in various cities across the United States and Canada before settling in Valley Springs, South Dakota. There, he acquired the Vidette, transforming it into a highly regarded publication and a leading Republican voice in eastern Dakota. Hill’s dedication to his town’s growth, involvement in politics, and esteemed presence in social circles have earned him great prestige and influence.

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