Marshall County South Dakota Genealogy

Marshall County lies just south of the 46th parallel of north latitude, the proposed line of division between North and South Dakota, and west of the Sisseton and Wahpeton Indian Reservation; is bounded on the south by Day County and on the west by Brown County and is included in the Watertown U. S. Land District. Marshall County is twenty-four miles long from north to south, and twenty-four miles on its north boundary line, and thirty miles wide on its south boundary line, making an average width of twenty-seven miles. This area gives us 648 square miles or 414,720 acres of land. Although a small county, it is about one-half the size of Rhode Island.

Marshall County was originally a part of Day County. In March, 1885, the legislature passed a bill to divide Day County and create Marshall County north of the township line of 124, and to be divided by a vote of the people, May 2d, 1885. The county seat was located at Britton.

Genealogy of Marshall County South Dakota

History of Marshall County SD Townships

Settlers on Fractional Township

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