History of South Dakota vol 1 title page

Biography of James B. Bradley

James B. Bradley, a pioneer and captain of industry, made significant contributions to the development of Dakota territory and the state. Born in Indiana in 1849, he moved to Iowa with his family before embarking on his own journey to Dakota in 1868. Settling in Lincoln County, Bradley acquired a homestead and established himself as a prominent figure in the community. He ventured into various businesses, including general merchandise and retail drug trade, leaving a lasting impact. Known for his unwavering support for the Republican Party, Bradley also served as the mayor of Hudson, earning widespread respect and recognition.

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History of South Dakota vol 1 title page

Biography of Henry Wilber

Henry Wilber is a remarkable pioneer who has demonstrated the immense potential of agricultural development in South Dakota. Born in Michigan in 1845, Wilber embarked on a successful career in the lumber industry before venturing to Dakota in 1880. There, he settled in Brown County, where he established a thriving farm through sheer hard work and dedication. Wilber’s farm boasted substantial improvements, including a commodious residence and extensive land holdings. He excelled in grain production and Hereford cattle breeding, achieving great success. With his enterprising spirit, Wilber became a model farmer in the region, earning respect and admiration. Alongside his wife, he embraced his Republican politics and Methodist Episcopal faith, creating a rich and fulfilling life in his chosen community.

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