History of South Dakota vol 1 title page

Biography of Hon. Gideon C. Moody

Hon. Gideon C. Moody was a courageous pioneer, eminent jurist, prominent politician, conservative civic force, and honorable citizen. His inflexible integrity, coupled with his intellect, made him a force to be reckoned with. He served as an influential member of the South Dakota constitutional conventions, was elected to the United States Senate, and played a crucial role in Republican national conventions. Moody’s success as a lawyer was attributed to his meticulous preparation and unwavering commitment to justice. In private life, he was a devoted family man and a loyal friend. His legacy is one of remarkable achievements and enduring influence.

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History of Marshall County Dakota title page

History of Pleasant Valley Township

Pleasant Valley township lies east of Britton, and the ridge or elevation on which Britton is located extends across the northwest corner of the township and terminates in the southeast corner of White township on sections 35 and 36, where the Wild Rice passes through to the north. This termination is generally known as the “Gap,” and by the Indians called Spirit Earth, where they annually congregated to hunt buffaloes. The southeast corner of the township extends pretty well up into the Coteaus; there are several coulees containing excellent spring water. Near Mr. Ford‘s, on section 11, is really the

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