History of South Dakota vol 1 title page

Biography of William G. Porter

William G. Porter, a distinguished member of the South Dakota bar, is the senior partner of the renowned law firm Porter & King in Sioux Falls. Born in Thetford Center, Vermont, in 1858, Porter’s lineage can be traced back to a Norman knight in the eleventh century. After an impressive academic journey, including graduating from Dartmouth College and obtaining a law degree from Drake University, he embarked on a successful legal career. Serving as state’s attorney and later as assistant United States attorney, Porter has excelled in his profession, earning a reputation for his expertise and commitment. Additionally, he has been actively involved in Republican politics and various fraternal organizations throughout his life.

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History of Marshall County Dakota title page

History of Hickman Township

About ono-third of Hickman township lies on the plateau, which, with the exception of several coulees is level and good farming land; the other two-thirds lie in the valley; the surface rather level. There are several ravines or coulees that emerge from the Coteaus in Sisseton township and run in a westerly direction; one of these coulees crosses sections 12,11, 10, 9 and 8, and on sec. 7 spreads out like a fan, covering three quarter sections of land, making an excellent meadow. This coulee on sec. 11 contained some timber, currants, gooseberries and raspberries, also plum trees. Excellent drinking

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