Big Stone City

History of South Dakota vol 1 title page

Biography of William A. Kriesel, M. D.

Dr. William A. Kriesel, a respected and popular member of the medical profession, has established a successful practice in Milbank. Born in Holmesville, Indiana, in 1870, he received his education in Stillwater and graduated as a Doctor of Medicine in 1897. Dr. Kriesel’s dedication to medicine is evident through his involvement in various medical societies and associations. He is known for his skill as a physician and surgeon, serving the community with distinction. Additionally, Dr. Kriesel is active in public affairs, affiliated with fraternal organizations, and deeply committed to his role as a Republican and a member of the Episcopal Church.

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History of South Dakota vol 1 title page

Biography of William W. Downie

William W. Downie, editor and publisher of the Herald Advance, was a prominent figure in the newspaper industry. Born in Hamilton, Ontario, in 1855, he moved to Michigan with his family before eventually settling in Big Stone City, South Dakota. Downie started the Herald, the first newspaper in Grant County, and later consolidated it with the Advance. Under his management, the Herald Advance became a leading Republican party organ and a reflection of current thought. Downie actively promoted the welfare of Milbank and Grant County, serving as mayor, justice of the peace, and postmaster. He was also influential in education and a respected member of various fraternal organizations.

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