History of South Dakota vol 1 title page

Biography of John D. Herman

John D. Herman, M.D., was a respected physician and surgeon who practiced in Conde, Spink County. Born on February 27, 1859, in Freeborn County, Minnesota, he was the son of German immigrants Philip and Augusta Herman. Dr. Herman studied at Ohio Medical College, graduating in 1886, and furthered his education in Chicago and Philadelphia. Relocating to South Dakota in 1883, he became Conde’s first physician and opened its initial drug store. Married to Anna Cowan in 1888, they had four children. Dr. Herman was also known for his public service and extensive farming operations in the area.

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History of South Dakota vol 1 title page

Biography of William W. Rounds

William W. Rounds, born on June 1, 1857, in Monkton, Addison County, Vermont, was the youngest of six children. Leaving home at age twelve, he worked various jobs before moving to Chicago in 1877 and then to Spink County, South Dakota, in 1882. There, he initially took up a pre-emption claim, later establishing a homestead in what became Conde. Transitioning from farming to business, he developed a successful hardware store and held several public service roles, including deputy sheriff. Rounds married Margaret Park in 1884, and they had a daughter, Hazel. William W. Rounds hails from the old Green Mountain

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