Dell Rapids

History of South Dakota vol 1 title page

Biography of Judge Walter Crisp

Judge Walter Crisp, a progressive and influential figure in Dell Rapids, South Dakota, was born in England in 1849. After immigrating to the United States in 1869, he settled in Wisconsin before eventually making South Dakota his home. With a thriving career as a farmer and later as a public servant, Judge Crisp played a vital role in the growth and prosperity of Dell Rapids. Known for his charitable endeavors and active participation in various fraternal orders, he was respected as a well-rounded individual dedicated to the betterment of his community. Judge Crisp’s success, integrity, and devotion to family and civic duty made him a highly regarded member of society.

History of South Dakota vol 1 title page

Biography of Albert N. Quale

Albert N. Quale, a prominent figure in the real estate industry, owns the Quale Land Company based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. With well-equipped offices in the Minnehaha building, he buys and sells farm lands, handles wild land and improved farms, and manages estates. Born in 1878, Quale comes from a family of pioneers who settled in Dakota Territory. He grew up on a homestead farm, received education in public schools, and embarked on a successful career in real estate after various entrepreneurial ventures. With his strong Republican Party affiliation and active involvement in social organizations like the Elks, Quale is considered a rising young leader in his native state.

History of South Dakota vol 1 title page

Biography of David E. Ward

David E. Ward is a prominent figure in Dell Rapids, known for his role as the efficient and popular postmaster, as well as the editor and publisher of the Dell Rapids Times. Born in Darlington, Wisconsin, in 1864, Ward embarked on a successful career in the printing industry after completing his education. In 1892, he became the sole owner of the Dell Rapids Times, transforming it into a respected local publication that also exerted influence in political affairs. Ward’s unwavering allegiance to the Republican Party and his active involvement in various conventions have furthered its cause. His contributions to his hometown have earned him the respect and esteem of those who know him.

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