History of South Dakota vol 1 title page

Biography of Willard A. Lathrop

Willard A. Lathrop is a successful farmer and stock grower in Charles Mix County, South Dakota. Born in Iowa in 1848, he inherited his father’s passion for agriculture and dedicated himself to farming and stock raising. Lathrop acquired a well-improved ranch of four hundred and eighty acres, cultivating one hundred and sixty acres while utilizing the rest for grazing and hay production. Known for his expertise in breeding Shorthorn cattle and Poland-China swine, he ships a significant amount of stock annually. Lathrop is an esteemed citizen, actively involved in public service, and affiliated with various organizations, including Geddes Lodge.

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History of South Dakota vol 1 title page

Biography of Ole Anderson

Ole Anderson, born in Norway in 1850, migrated to the United States in 1880, joining the influx of Scandinavian immigrants to the Northwest. Settling in South Dakota, he established himself as a respected farmer in Charles Mix County. Through diligent cultivation and the application of modern farming methods, Anderson transformed his raw land into a thriving estate. He raised livestock, including Poland China hogs and Durham cattle, and cultivated various crops. Anderson’s success exemplified the contribution of hardworking immigrants from northern Europe to the rapid development of the Northwest. He was regarded as a model farmer and a commendable citizen in his community.

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