Biography of Nils Forsberg

Nils Forsberg, the treasurer of Grant County, South Dakota, is a highly esteemed citizen known for his energy and progressive spirit. Born in Sweden, he immigrated to America with his family as a child. After completing his education, he taught in the public schools of Grant County before entering politics. A staunch Republican, Forsberg served as county auditor and was later elected county treasurer, demonstrating his fiscal acumen and gaining popular support. He remains dedicated to the welfare of the county and state, actively participating in the Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church. Married to Anna S. Anderson, they have five children.

Nils Forsberg, who occupies the responsible office of treasurer of Grant County and maintains his home in Milbank, the county seat, is a representative and highly esteemed citizen of this section of the state. He has exemplified the energy and progressive spirit that have brought about such a marvelous transformation in South Dakota within the past two decades.

Mr. Forsberg is a native of the fair Norseland, though he has spent practically his entire life in America. He was born in the province of Vermland, Sweden, on the 13th of April, 1860, and is a son of Henry Hendricksson and Anna (Gustafsson) Forsberg. He was only two years old at the time of his father’s death, and his mother subsequently married John Liljeman. In 1872, the family came to America and settled in Duluth, Minnesota, where they stayed until 1875. They then moved to the vicinity of Rush Point, Chicago County, Minnesota, where Mr. Liljeman engaged in farming. Both he and his wife still reside there. The subject of this biography attended the schools of his native land as a boy, having been about twelve years old when the family immigrated to America. After completing the curriculum of the public schools, he entered Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota, but did not complete the full prescribed course.

In September 1887, he came to South Dakota and successfully taught in the public schools of Grant County until 1894. He became prominent in the local educational field and gained a high degree of personal popularity in the county. A staunch Republican, he was nominated by his party for the office of county auditor in the fall of 1894 and was elected by a gratifying majority. He gave an admirable administration and was reelected to the same office in 1896, serving four consecutive years. He then served as deputy county treasurer under J. N. Safford for about two years. In 1900, he was elected treasurer of the county, demonstrating his discernment and ability in handling the fiscal affairs of his jurisdiction. He was reelected to the position for a second term of two years in the fall of 1902. Mr. Forsberg is progressive and public-spirited in his attitude, showing deep interest in all matters concerning the welfare of the county and state. He and his wife are prominent and active members of the Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church.

On the 10th of October, 1895, in Marshall County, South Dakota, Mr. Forsberg married Miss Anna S. Anderson, also born in Sweden. She is the daughter of C. J. Anderson, an early and honored pioneer of Marshall County. Mr. and Mrs. Forsberg have five children: Natalia S., Paul G., Wilhelm E., Carl G., and Florence.


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