History of South Dakota vol 1 title page

Biography of George Cassady

George Cassady, born in Hamilton County, Ohio, in 1849, was a pioneer in horticulture and played a significant role in introducing fruit growing to South Dakota. After working as a telegrapher in the West, he settled in Valley Springs, South Dakota, where he established large orchards and co-founded Cassady & Bailey, one of the state’s largest nurseries. Recognized as one of the earliest advocates of horticulture in South Dakota, Cassady’s success demonstrated the region’s potential as a fruit-producing area. He actively participated in local politics, held various offices, and was respected as a leader within the Republican Party. A dedicated […]

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History of Marshall County Dakota title page

History of Victor Township

Victor Township lies in the northeast corner of the county, west of the Sisseton reservation and north of the military reservation and at present includes a strip three miles wide lying between it and the military reservation. The western part is quite level, while the eastern part extends up into the Coteaus. The principal part of the land in the hills is good farming land, free of stones and nearly all settled. There are five coulees emerging from the hills, four of which contain timber. Chas. Bailey, mentioned elsewhere, was the first settler on section 12. Peter Sirai, a native

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History of Marshall County Dakota title page

Sketch of Charles Bailey

The following sketch of Charles Bailey, the first settler in what is now Marshall County, was obtained by the writer from authentic sources and from persons acquainted with him before is arrival here. The Baileys, of whom there were several brothers, lived in Browns Valley, Minnesota, whence the subject of this sketch waylaid a supposed rival in a love affair and shot him but not fatally. For this criminal offense he served some time in the penitentiary at Stillwater. He was finally pardoned before the expiration of his term, and in a few days married a young lady but fifteen

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