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Biography of William H. Semple

William H. Semple, owner of a fine farm in Yankton County, represents the intelligent and progressive class of American agriculturists. Born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1858, he overcame hardships and embraced pioneer life. With perseverance and dedication, Semple and his uncle developed their land, facing challenges such as floods and grasshoppers. Despite setbacks, they achieved remarkable success, acquiring extensive acreage. Semple’s strong work ethic and honorable business practices earned him respect and friendship within the community. He married Augusta D. Fisher, and together they raised two children while actively participating in their Lutheran church and local organizations. Semple’s story exemplifies the rewards of hard work, determination, and integrity.

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History of Marshall County Dakota title page

History of Stena Township

Stena township lies south of Dayton township, and until 1885 was divided and belonged to both Norwich and Hartford school townships. There is quite an apparent rise of ground from the south town line, to the north town line, gradually merging into the elevation mentioned in Dayton Township. Through the south tier of section there is a water course or coulee and the land is naturally level and in some places low. This township was not surveyed until August, 1883, and came in market the following October. They have now four school houses. In the fall of 1882, Geo. H.

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History of Marshall County Dakota title page

History of Dayton Township

Dayton township lies in the northwest corner of the county, and the surface is quite rolling with the exception of an apparent depression or valley, or more properly, there is a low range of hills extending from the southeast corner of the township along the town line, west and then north, with a turn to the northeast, forming a semi-circle; in this semi-circle lies the valley mentioned, which contains the majority of the settlers. An abundance of water is obtained at a depth of fifteen to thirty feet. The soil in the valley is rich and productive, while the hills

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